Tips for Piecing Together a Winning Business Team

Building winning business teams is smart business.  Here are some tips on how to create high productive business teams:

• Cover the basics: The first step in creating effective business teams is to understand the purpose and goals of each new team.  Make sure that the right people with skills in the right areas are represented to complete the given tasks and projects.

• The four stages: As soon as the team is formed, make sure to tell everyone about the four stages of team development: forming, storming, norming and performing.  There are growing pains when developing a strong team and it helps when everyone is aware of this upfront.

• Survey the team: Send out a survey initially and again periodically going forward to assess how the team members think the team is functioning. This will allow you to address concerns promptly.

• Personality assessments: Certain personality tests like the DISC or MBTI are helpful to complete as a business team.  They give insight on how to work better with other team members.

• Create a charter: As a team, it is important to address important factors like the purpose of the group and to set expectations about how the team should work together as well as addressing appropriate and inappropriate behaviors.  This should be done together and can be amended.

• Communication skill training: Basic communication skills such as conflict management and giving feedback are helpful.  It gives everyone a common language to speak communicate.

• Recognize your team: Taking time to acknowledge and recognize the talents and successes of your team is crucial in team development.  It is important to encourage the team members to recognize each other as well.

• Encourage continuous feedback: Be explicit that you want to hear feedback from the team and be generous and timely with your feedback as well.

• Add some humor: Add a smile to everyone’s day by starting meetings off with a funny story or sharing something about yourself that will make the team laugh together.

• Team building activities: Set aside time periodically for an offsite and incorporate team building activities into your team meetings.  These are great ways to maintain strong business teams.

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