Time Management Hacks for Optimum Productivity

Everyone wants to know how to optimize their work time.  Here are some time management hacks that will keep you focused and productive all day long:

• The critical task hack: Set a goal to complete one important task everyday.  Make sure that is an important item that will have impact on your most important projects. Once you accomplish that you will have more stamina to tackle other tasks.

• Take Notes. Your memory may be good, but it’s not worth the risk of missing an important detail.  Make sure you have an organized note taking system.

• Prioritize your to do list: Making a list of what needs to happen and then prioritizing them is important to make sure you are focusing on the right things at the right time.

• Always make a plan: It is easy to start right into the work without really thinking it through.  Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of re-work.  Make sure you take the time to make a detailed project plan so you know the time you spend working will be worthwhile.

• Work to a reasonable deadline: After you have put together a project plan, you will be able to give yourself a realistic deadline.  Make sure you keep to these deadlines as much as possible.

• Let someone else do it: If you are not the only person who can complete the task, consider leveraging a coworkers talents. This is a great time management hack.

• Work on money generating tasks. Make sure that you are working on projects that are adding to the company’s bottom line. If you are not, it may not be the best use of your time.

• Work in small one-hour segments: If you work in smaller time segments you are more likely to complete the work and less likely to get distracted.

• Create manageable chunks: If you only allot an hour to work on something at a time, it is important to make sure it is possible to complete it quickly.  In addition, it will make that really large task feel more manageable to get the first step done.

• Notice what distracts you: Take a minute to think about what keeps you away from completing work.  It could be particular websites, coworkers or other non-important tasks.  If you write down a list of those distractions, you are much less likely to gravitate to them.

• Go to the water cooler: It is important to give your mind a break and move your body from time to time during the work day.  Get up, stretch and take a walk at least a few times per day.

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