Get Money Faster With a Stated Income Real Estate Loan

The stated income commercial real estate loan is a mainstay of businesses with real estate endeavors. This property-related loan is preferred to traditional loans for a variety of reasons. At Artos Capital, we focus on bringing you the best rates, largest loan amounts and quickest payment plans so you can succeed in your plans. These loans have very little paperwork to ensure that your funds come to you quickly.

The Basics

  • Funds usable for debt consolidation, purchasing and refinancing
  • Nearly every type of property accepted
  • 25-year amortized loans with fixed rates
  • Loan amounts can be as much as $500,000
  • Credit scores as low as 600 accepted
  • Up to 65 percent loan-to-value (LTV) for warehouse, self-storage, rental and auto service properties
  • Up to 70 percent LTV for 1- to 4-unit non-owner occupied properties
  • Up to 75 percent LTV for mixed use properties or multifamily residences with 5 or more units

Benefits Verses a Traditional Loan

For property owners with high value locations and low credit scores, a stated income commercial real estate loan is a great alternative to a traditional loan. This loan looks at the value of a piece of property rather than just the owner’s credit score. For a property to qualify, a good rule of thumb is to make sure it can cover the mortgage, taxes and insurance costs.

Looking at the value of a property means the application process is quicker and you can get your money faster. Whether you deal with apartments, real estate, warehouses, restaurants or another type of business, there are few requirements to meet for this kind of loan.

Call our office today to find out more about how our stated income commercial real estate loans work. We can forward our application paperwork to you or answer your questions. You can expect to be closing as quickly as two or three weeks from now!