Get Flexible With Your Financing

If you deal with pre-purchased goods, then purchase order financing is a great way to ensure you can fund the product you are about to distribute. When you can be flexible with your funding, you can grow as a distributor. All of us at Artos Capital would be happy to help you expand your business with larger orders and more customers.

What Can You Finance?

There are multiple business types that can use purchase order financing. If you purchase finished goods or pre-sold merchandise, domestic or international, for wholesale or distribution, then we can finance your work. Once you have found the goods you require, our efficient application process can have you funded quickly.

The Benefits We Offer

  • Allowing you to make customer deliveries on schedule
  • Getting you fast and flexible funding
  • Growing your business with no extra bank debt
  • Helping you manage larger orders
  • Expanding the size of your market share

Our skilled financial consultants can walk you through our efficient application process and clearly answer any of your questions along the way. We can help you meet your purchase obligations with flexible purchase order financing. You can schedule an appointment with our team or look at our documents online. Call us today to get started so you can receive your funds sooner.