3 Creative Ways to Achieve Consistent Business Growth

A growing business is a healthy business. But business growth isn’t always an easy achievement. It takes knowledge, skill and a good plan to continuously hit new benchmarks. Read on to discover three tactics that can help you achieve growth that is constant and sustainable.

1. Develop Unique Selling Propositions

A unique selling proposition, or USP, is your explanation to your customers as to why your product or service is better than any other version available. Stand out from the crowd by making your USP more than just a statement about higher quality or better service. Craft a statement that will connect with your customers on an emotional level. For example, if your company sells pool floatation devices, tell your customers about the summer fun you have to offer them. If your company offers a car detailing service, describe the feeling of luxury that the smell of a new car brings.

2. Keep Your Customers

Another way to achieve business growth is by keeping the business of the people you have already sold to. It is much more cost effective to keep a customer you’ve already sold to than it is to find a new customer to sell to. And you’re also more likely to sell your product or service to an existing customer than your are to a new one.

To make sure you keep as many of your customers as possible, do your best to connect with them in a personal, personable way, starting from the very first sale. One way to achieve this could be to send specific thank you notes for purchases, even if they’re via e-mail. Another possibility could be to offer special promotions for your customers that have already purchased from you in the past.

3. Find Your Place in a Business Ecosystem

By being a part of a business ecosystem, you will naturally be inspired to change and grow your business as you notice what the other businesses in your system are doing. You will inherently gain the support of that system, as well. As an example of a business ecosystem, consider any of the various social media platforms. As you advertise your business with free posts, you’ll notice the posts of your business peers and will be able to tailor your offerings to match or beat what they are offering to your shared target customer base.

Growing your business is possible, but success isn’t just about running numbers on spreadsheets. Have fun when you can and use these creative ideas to gain dependable and sustainable business growth.

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